Bob has been a hobby photographer since his hi-school days and has built a darkroom into each of his living quarters since 1967 - except for his current home which has a room designed to be a darkroom but was never finished because the digital age swept in on us. He still owns a 4x5 view camera but has been captured by the digital revolution.

His main interests are landscape and nature photography and he usually tries to avoid people. He currently is using a Nikon D3 with a Nikon D70s as his second camera. He also carries a Canon G10 virtually everywhere he goes. He processes his images on a Mac Pro using Lightroom and sometimes Photoshop and produces photographic prints with and Epson PHOTO R2400 printer.

Bob made his living as a small-animal veterinarian but spent his weekends as a volunteer Reserve Game Warden for the State of California. He is now almost fully retired and gets to spend more time on his photography projects. He lives in Northern California near Davis with his wife and two dogs (both Yellow Labs).

Bob's photographic goals are to improve his ability to see, capture and process fine arts photographs that are worthy of being displayed in your home or office.